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The following games are powered by Playtech software, one of the best providers at designing online slots with 5 reels, 25 paylines and special features that help you win more and have a lot of fun. You can find the full description below.

Bonus Bears

bonus-bearsThe Bonus Bears online slots game is one that will amaze you right away by showing you what an online slots game can and should offer you. This slots game is powered by reliable and trusted Playtech software, so you know you can expect a lot out of it. This game has 5 reels and it also has 25 paylines.

The design of the Bonus Bears slots game is more than impressive. Right away you are greeted by a fantastic looking game you just know is going to keep you smiling. The background of Bonus Bears is just what you would expect to see when you visit the mountains. You will see mountain peaks in the distance, plenty of trees, and grass. On the reels there are bears, bees, beehives, a funny skunk wearing a gas mask, and many other hilarious symbols. The game can be played for just .01 or for as large of an amount as $1250.00 for each spin. This means casual players and high rollers can enjoy this game.

Just as you may expect when you see this game, it is full of a lot of fantastic features. It offers a wild symbol, free spins, a scatter symbol, a bonus game, and many chances to win. When you play this game you will see that it is quite generous with its special features and this means they come up often.

Bonus Bears is a great game for you to play when you want to know you are going to have a great time, no matter what the end results of each spins is. However, since the special features come up a lot on this game you will find that it can be quite profitable.

Hot Gems

hot-gemsHot Gems is a fantastic 5 reel and 25 paylines online slots game that is powered by Playtech software. The very first thing you will like about the game is it has a story and graphics that come together to offer you a game like no other. The game is full of personality, as well as chances for you to see some great wins along the way.

Hot Gems has a gem design to it which is similar to other popular games such as Bejeweled. However, it takes it a bit further and introduces a miner who is full of personality and he will keep you laughing. Even the intro to the game lets you know you are in for a wild ride. The realistic graphics and bright colors help make this a game you won’t forget.

The Hot Gems slots game has just about all the special features online slots players look for. These features include a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a multiplier, free spins, a bonus game, and even the gamble feature. The game also has a collapse feature which can be quite lucrative.

If you have been hoping to find a solid online slots game that has many special features and a fantastic theme with plenty of personality, then you will find the Hot Gems slots game to be well worth trying. From the first spin to the last you will find it to be a game with a lot to offer.

The Discovery

discoveryThe Discovery is an online slots game that is powered by Playtech software. Playtech is a true leader in the industry and this lets you know that the game is going to be a high quality one you can count on. This slots game has 5 reels, 25 paylines, and special features that help you win more and have a lot of fun.

The Discovery slots game has much to offer in the way of looks. This online slots game makes great use of colors in a way that makes it look even more entertaining. On the reels of the game you will see symbols like Native American women, a compass, land in the distance, flowers, bright and colorful high ranking card symbols, and more.

Along with the fascinating look the game has, it also offers you the chance to enjoy special features. This slots game has wild symbols that help you see more wins. It also has scatters and bonuses. The free spins come up quite often and they help you to see more wins without needing to spend your own credits. The game also has the gamble feature and this allows you to try for your chance to double your winnings.

The Discovery slots game is one you can count on to run smoothly and give you a fun time. If you are looking for a simple video slots game to play then you may want to give this one a try.

The Mummy

The-Mummy-slotThe Mummy is a very impressive online slots game that is powered by Playtech software. It is a great choice for players looking for a game that gives them a lot of player options and has many features. The Mummy has a design to it that most players can’t wait to enjoy. It is a 5 reel game with 25 paylines and this gives you many chances to see those wins along the way. The graphics and animations in this game are unbelievable and more than impressive.

The Mummy is based off the hit movie and you will find that Playtech has done a fantastic job of putting together a game that will leave you feeling as if you are watching the actual movie. The symbols in the game are made up of the characters from the film, a chest full of treasure, guns, the scarab, and more. This game can be played for anywhere from .01 to 125 for each spin and this means it will meet the financial needs of most online slots players.

There are great special features that you want to see a lot when you play this game. Watch for the expanding mummy which can show up on the second through the fourth reels. There is also a bonus feature that can come up at random and a scatter symbol.

When you want to play a game that gives you everything from a look that is captivating to many wager options and a lot of chances to win; then you want to be sure to try The Mummy!

The Sopranos

sopranosThe Sopranos slots game is powered by Playtech software and it is based after the popular movie. The moment the game pulls up you will be surprised by the entire design and everything that has gone into it. The game has 5 reels, 25 paylines, plenty of special features, and a realistic design that will grab your attention at first glance. This is a non-stop game that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time.

This game has a very clean design to it and a lot of sharp edges that help to give it an intense appearance. The symbols in the game are made up of the main characters and you will even appreciate the high ranking card symbols because they are designed with special touches that incorporate other elements from the movie. The game can be played from .01 to 10.00 per line and the top jackpot is good for 3000 coins.

With everything the game offers it should come as little surprise to learn that it also offers you the chance to enjoy a lot of special features. Tony is the wild symbol which means this symbol replaces others when doing so means a win. The game also offers free spins, bonuses, and other features that bring with them more chances for fun and wins.

When you want to play a game with a fantastic theme and a lot of chances to see those much anticipated wins, you want to be sure you try your luck on the Sopranos slots game. From the first spin to the last, you will have a fantastic time.


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