Unusual Paylines Playtech Slots

The following article is about two very high quality games with different paylines ready to play from Playtech software. The design is clean for the long run plays. Read more about the online slots below.

Cowboys and Aliens

cowboys-and-aliensThe Cowboys and Aliens slots game has an interesting theme and its design brings the story to another level. The symbols in the game are made up of a variety of very interesting creatures and even high ranking card symbols that glow bright green. Each symbol on the game helps bring it all together.


The Cowboys and Aliens slots game is also full of great special features that help to make the game even more fun and offer many ways you can see more wins. The game has wild symbols scatters, free spins, multipliers, and more. There are actually three bonus features in this game that each offers you plenty of extra opportunities. In one of the bonus features you will need to kill aliens and each kill will give you a cash prize, more ammo, or a multiplier.

Cowboys and Aliens is one of those online slots games that you know is going to offer you many chances to have an exciting time and a variety of ways to see more wins. If you like unique games then you won’t want to pass up the chance to give the Cowboys and Aliens slots game a try.

Little Britain

This slots game is bright and bold and full of entertaining features. On the reels of the game you will see such characters as Andy, Lou, Marjorie, and Vicky. Along with the characters you will also see interestingly designed high ranking card symbols. This game can be played for anywhere from .01 to 25.00 per payline and it has a top jackpot which is good for a win of 1000 coins.


The Little Britain slots game also has special features for you to enjoy. In fact, there are quite a few of them and this will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the results each spin will bring your way. This slots game is one that makes sure you have much to look forward to. It has five different bonus rounds that each brings you a unique experience.

The next time you feel like playing a game that has a lot of features and an entertaining design you should give Little Britain a try. From the moment you log on to play the game you will see that it has much to bring your way.


We recommend you to play these games with unusal paylines anytime you can. There are lots of fun waiting for you with the proven Playtech software.